About us

As a Leader and Pioneer in the Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Industry of Sri Lanka since 1982 , We manufacture & repair of Air Conditioners & Air Conditioning Equipment , Heat Exchangers . Blower Units , Blowers , Fans , Expansion Bellows , Ducting & Dust Collectors . We mainly focus on customer requirements with dependable & affordable solutions . We guarantee the best materials and workmanship .

The commencement Date of D.S. Engineering Company was 5th of September 1982. It had been registered on 12th of May 1997 with Business Registration Number – W / 50077 .

Then we turn to D.S.Engineering & Son ( Pvt ) Ltd and it has been registered on 17th of October 2012 with Business Registration Number – PV88894 .

And also we registered under Ministry of Industrial Development Registration Number -1382002 .


To be the most customers prefferred innovative Prove of industrial A / C & light engineering solution .



To provide the customers with highest standard of service


Our journey

So far was an uphill task , but today we can look back with utmost prid & satisfaction of our rewarded journey which resulted in a throng of prestigious corporate and individual customers around us . Our success was not due to any providence or luck but , due to sheer dedication and unparalleled services we have rendered to our clientele .

Our profile is rich with a band of dominate customer who have sought our services for the customized services for their factories , hotels , hospitals , super markets , banks and show rooms so on and so forth .
We have come along way in a short time , still we are not proud but humble .
Our mission will be accomplished once we become the undisputed leaders of the industries it is not a wishful thinking as we are armed with necessary prerequests to achieve it .

Our unsurpassed accomplishments have contributed to manufacture of HVAC products leadership through experience , technology and the capability to meet or exceed our customer’s exacting specifications .
D. S. Engineers focusing on customer requirements with dependable & affordable solutions and all our materials and workmanship in each products group are fully guaranteed .


Lion Dayananda Salwathura (JP)
Chairman/ Managing Director

“Sri Lanka Viyapara Vibhushana, Deshashakti, Deshabimani, Deshabandu, Lanka Puthra”

Shanaka Salwathura
Pushpa Jayasinghe


Why I Joined My Father's Company

Honestly, First of all I would like to tell you all from my heart “The greatest gift I ever had come from God; I call him Dad! The small public relations firm he started 39 years before was now a growing company. I saw his Innovative ideas, Devotion, Dedication, Honesty, & more Attitudes. When I saw that qualities from him, I hoped to see them from myself also. Not only that but also I wanted to be an Entrepreneur like him. That’s why I Joined My Father’s Company. Through following him I improved my Qualifications, Attitudes & Experience day by day. Finally, I expect to invent excellent products just like my father did. Also I would do a great service to my country as well as my business field by introducing these products to Local & Foreign market.

Thank you..!
Director – Shanaka Salwathura